AITA for not wanting my parents to know that my boyfriend is Latino

Amerindians refer to that, but also to people who are descendants of indigenous people, even if they don't know it or recognize themselves as indigenous. At least, that's what the meaning of the term says and what most studies consider to be correct.

I think it all depends on the parameters you use. If we're talking about skin colour, then yes, we are mostly lighter than people from other Latin American countries. But I think lately, skin colour is not the most reliable parameter to study the demography of a country, at least not here. Genetically speaking, we are not 90% Europeans. And I think most people who consider themselves Europeans or whites don't know the composition of their blood line. Having a great-grandparent or grandparent who emigrated from Europe doesn't make you European. Here it's not like the US. Especially if somewhere along the line, they got married and had kids with Amerindians, black immigrants or their descendants. It's truly a melting pot or like they like to call it here "crisol de razas".

According to Wikipedia, as of 2016, biologically speaking, 52% are Europeans and 27% Amerindians.

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