TIFU By being socially engineered for 4 years

Dude! Take my huge first upvote!

I can TOTALLLY RELATE TO YOU! I'm experiencing shit very similar to yours right now but my story is quite different in some ways.

Everything started roughly two years ago. I met this random girl on Omegle and the same evening we exchanged IM usernames. Then she sent me a pic of her (nothing spectacular). For the next couple of months our chats were diluted (like one time per week/month). Just a few minutes, random things. A year ago we began chatting on a regular basis and blahblah (I had a serious girlfriend at that time, so for me it was just a distraction like a chitchat with the pals). After we broke up (with said girlfriend) the Omegle chick started to talk to me on IM every single day. Then we talked. She sent me a ton of pics (or changed the profile pics of her profile). Most of them - just like in your story - unwanted by me. Damn, boy, was she hot! I didn't actually look up on the pics on the allmighty internet, though. Neither did I ask my friends at her school about her. She just told me she was kinda shy, isolated. After two months heavily chatting she disappeared all of a sudden. Bimbam! The circus is in town, first row seats are ensured. Then after a month she reappeared (if this is a legit word, too tired). Things escalated just like in your story - feelings, she telling me about her "weird, strange love". Then I told her that we're meeting no matter what (I'd tried to meet up with her before but she made some sort of an excuse - alarm for me). When I tried to meet with her, she and I kid you not - BLOCKED ME. :D Then I reverse checked all her pics - nothing, I asked my friends at her school - nobody ever heard of it, seen her or anything. Then we talked again about being friends (me knowing that he probably lying about her appearance) - she noped out of this (I insisted because I wanted to have a pal to chat randomly when I wanted to, lol). Fast forward 5 months - now we chatted for a good week or so (I've already seen some of her recent profile pics - completely different, didn't care).

Now I decided to stop chat to her. And then your story pops up. Coincidence? I think not.

Sorry for stealing part of your story with my shit. But I still have contact with the fake girl and was wondering whether to ask her about the fake pics (I have them screenshots)? Or what to do to have fun...? :D


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