TIL astronaut Chris Hadfield once described problem-solving in NASA as "methodically looking for a solution until you run out of oxygen"

No, even if their marksmanship and skill is on par with us and have the same equipment, they would still get crushed. We simply have more training and education for our forces than they can ever have. In battle, it's a thinking man's game more than a physical challenge(it is still very very physically exhaustive).

Just imagine how much mental stress you would have. Your squad of 16 lives is your responsibilities. Your decisions can send them home in one of 2 ways. You are receiving fire from multiple targets. You lost your vehicles and support is at least 15 minutes away. Your 50 cal machine gun is in the broken vehicle. If you don't move, you will be surrounded. You don't know where to move as you're probably not in familiar terrain. Whoever you sent to be point man has a high chance of being shot. You have about 4 secs to move before they fire another RPG to force you out of cover. Make your decision...You send your fire team towards the enemy...You have to communicate through series of shoulder taps, yelling, com(if still working), and hand signals. Your decisions must be in split seconds. You have to maintain 360 awareness. You're constantly trying to outflank an opposing force with superior numbers and firepower. You've lost some Marines and have to readjust your squad to maintain perimeter control. Your mind is slipping from seeing your best bud's head turn into pink mist. You have to remain calm to make effective decisions...Here's the kicker, you could lose half your squad but if the enemy gives up then you have to follow the rules. Try and hold back your anger :)

Yea it's hard. You can get close if you play an RTS game like Company of Heroes against a good player. Before you play, hypnotize yourself to believe that your life is on the line if lose and every one of the soldiers that die is one of your friend.

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