TIL Chiropractic is actually a form of "alternative medicine", where studies have not found evidence that chiropractic manipulation is effective and collectively found that spinal manipulation was ineffective at treating any condition.

I wish that was the case but a lot of people learn about it in gyms from the red marks on people and basically get suckered into being told graston is gua sha in a clinical setting with more of an expense. Alt medicine is very predatory in this way, especially in the USA.

they have every right to call themselves that.

I've never met a DPT or Chiro calling themselves doctor and I'd probably have a good laugh, as would most PT staff I've worked with. To me its equivalent to an English Doctor/Professor introducing themselves as "Doctor ____" to people in a non-academic setting. Just totally obnoxious and most people would feel deceived if they found out you weren't a medical doctor.

It's just really not necessary, MDs and DOs are on a totally different level of prestige. I'll call my MD doctor, but my PT is Mike and wouldn't ever dream of calling himself doctor.

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