TIL that Dr. Martin Luther King jr was allowed to attend Morehouse college at the age of 15 due to a classroom shortage of students brought on by world war II. He was still required to pass the college entrance exams which he did at only 15 years old.

Because greatness doesn't equal goodness. The question you just asked would require a lengthy essay to discuss.

Sometimes it's hard to seperate the art from the artist. Micheal Jackson, r Kelly, Chris Brown. Once you find out horrible things about these people, continuing to support them in some ways aligns yourself with those actions. You become guilty by association. You support child rapists if you buy Micheal Jackson CDs. They're music is great. But they are not good.

Its very complex. But it would be silly to say you should just ignore all ad homenims. Sometimes stains on one's character help us identify who we want to align ourselves with.

This all being said, I hardly even know who martinuther is. I'm not from the USA, so I wasn't taught much about him. I've heard people get very upset if you shit talk him, unlike that cuck faggot trump, who everyone seems to think it's fine to shit talk. What do I know tho.

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