TIL women care more about a man's shoulder to hip ratio than they do about penis size.

PNAS usually gets a lot of shit for "choosing it's reviewers" making it one of the more respected research groups (because it chooses reviewers in the first place.)

Another thing to note is that the research itself is shit, you literally sit down and write down what you prefer, are you fucking kidding me? Many of you guys are either insecure from reading this or only up-voted because it fits with what you believe in. I know one way how to instantly dissolve everything you thought about women and men.

Sit down, imagine your perfect woman (big breasts, butt, face, I don't care) then go out and meet someone. I can guarantee you that the person you find to like the most is MUCH more different from your ideal view.

You might like tall girls, you might like tall guys, ideally, who cares? The person you meet and get to like almost always turns out to be that way because of personality.

Let me bring you more examples in nature. Bonobos vs. Chimpanzees. Can you guess the ones that's more identical to humans than others? The Bonobos and Chimpanzees are genetically similar, with a comon ancestor dating back only recently. The difference is their environment, Bonobos were the group of those ancestors that migrated into the northern jungles that were rich in food while the chimpanzee lands became arid almost.

One could say Bonobos live in a post-scarcity society, they don't fight for food as much as Chimps (who have a lack of food), they don't commit infanticide, they don't occasionally have wars, they don't even fucking have an Alpha Male centered society that redditors claim humans have.

We were just talking about two species that are similar, but live in different society's based on their surrounding. Chimps place an emphasis on Alpha Male society, but Bonobos don't, Chimps need to chill, and Bonobos don't. What other species could we relate to the fucking Bonobo? Humans!

So their you have it reddit, you assume all women are the same just as you assume all of nature works the same. Get over yourself, for those who just read the post, stop being insecure, all of it is bullshit. I'm short and skinny and I can say that I've done well. Hell, Natalie Dormer's husband is short.

This just shows that if a woman cares about looks on their man, then they're only doing so because they're pressured from society. The real women you want to talk to only care about your personality. I would easily give up on someone if she had a shitty personality, I encourage other guys to do the same.

Speaking of pressure from society, let's not forget something else women did because of pressure from society (like some do now by only going for a tall muscular man). They married early in age (20's and what not) during the 50's because America placed an emphasis on "American Culture."

During the Cold War, American culture and values were emphasized to strengthen nationalism in our country against the communists. Women were pressured by society to marry young and become a housewife, you know what happened in the 60's? One of the largest divorce rates can be attributed to the marriages from the 50's, women simply did not want that sort of life.

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