TL Article - "League of the Ancients 2"

I personally welcome the post-6.83 changes. If anything, it's made DotA less like LoL. It has reduced the emphasis on roles (1-2-3-4-5 is now closer to 2-2-3-4-4) and has increased the importance of team-based positional advantages (like team composition and control of the map) over individual-based mechanical or tactical advantages (like laning, solo ganks, or fast reflexes). I never liked players who play heroes with the mentality of "I'm too pro for these scrubs", and I like how DotA moves in the direction of better allowing teams to punish that style of play.

Im the opposite. I loved that style of play.

The problem for me is, my brains are hard-wired for efficieny. Whatever I do I always try to find the most efficient way out of. So finishing games as fast as possible became a goal for me(to maximize MMR) gains, and I gained a large amount of enjoyment when I invented a strat I could quickly win games with.

With DotA before I could innovate and come up with new pushing strats on the fly. Strats no one has even tried in pro games before, and they work, because they're so unexcepted.

With comeback mechanics, DotA completely threw this out of the oven. What could have been a 20 min game became 40 min game, and so on. Individual hero picks matter more. This means I can no longer pick a hero that I like, I must pick a hero that fits the team's composition. And if I pick a hero that my teammate doesn't know am going to play something out of the meta or what they are not accustomed to.

This forced meta(akin to something from LoL) has now led to the point where only teamfightning heroes are viable. And consequently it also means that the game is now more focused on picking than before, which reduces the amount of flavour and fun that can be had in the game. As opposed to previously crafting strats on the fly.

In short, DotA is more of a teamfight simulator(think LoL or HotS) than a strategically infused game anymore. Because only teamfights matter. If you spend whole game farming for gold, you cannot win, no matter how well you play. Whereas this used to be a "win/lose" situation before - can you secure all the lasthits or not.

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