(TN) Help! Police allowed bail bondsman to search my house without my consent.

Thank you for your time to look at my post. Here is what happened afterward. I spoke to 2 attorneys and 2 police officers regarding the situation. The attorneys I spoke to gave me this info, TN State code 40-11-101 to 40-11-405. To summarize the bail agent had a legit ARREST warrant issued from the state of TN.

HE DID NOT HAVE A SEARCH WARRANT issued from state of TN. What he did have was a personal contract giving permission to search the premises. (It's too much to get into about the contract part, but if you want me to I will explain.) Once I told him I live here and do not consent to any search, his contract was nullified. It was then his problem to take to civil court. Both attorneys were very helpful. I did not hire either one, way to expensive for no return. I am very grateful for them they spent a lot of time educating me on my rights.

The two police officers I spoke to agreed. The first one deals mainly with arrest warrants. The second one I spoke to deals mainly with search warrants, and works in the same precinct with the cop that allowed the search. He is her superior but he works in a different division. He had a lot to say, but too much for me to write. Basically, she didn't know, so she called her supervisor and he gave the okay. They were wrong and they don't deal with shit like that, they're "traffic". This still pisses me off to no end. Legally, he could have broken into my house to search if i was not there. Once i said I live here and said no to a search, his permission to search was nullified and he had to GTFO. So, the rest of the story. Bail agents show up 3 days later trying to conduct the same search. I greet them with my AR and tell them to GTFO my property. They decline. I tell them the laws. They fuckin vanish. I call bail agents company, and original bail bondsman and tell them to stay the fuck away from me or I press charges. I have not heard from them since. Fuck them. Now let's get down to business.

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