One punch KO!

I went to high school with a guy who was always getting into fights. The guy had anger issues, so much so that he was institutionalized for a while over summer break. (Only found that out afterwards.)

Well, ontop of having anger issues his dad thought it would be a good idea to teach him martial arts, boxing, and wrestling. So, this guy is 6'1 260 pounds (mostly fat, but he was naturally strong.) , had extreme anger issues, and knew martial arts.

He snapped, a quite a few times. I was only saw it happen once and it was horrifying. Let's call the guy N. We're having a lecture in class and the guy one row infront of N turns around and insults him. (Calls him a name or something.) The next thing we know N throws his desk out of the way and gets up behind this guy and grabs hold of his neck and starts shaking him about. N had 3-4 inches on this guy as well so the guy is flopping about in the air gasping for breath. The teacher doesn't know what to do. (N is a big guy, and the teacher was 170 pounds maybe.) So, the little guy eventually passes out and N throws him to the ground and walks out of the class.

Now, when N attacked people he usually only attacked assholes... so it was kind of gratifying. One more example was when a new student transferred to our district. I guess he hadn't been warned about N. Well, in study hall N gets up to use the restroom and he comes back to see this guy with his feet up on his chair. N asked nicely to remove his feet a few times and the guy refused. N warned him again and the guy got in his face. (Scrawny little 150 pound kid.) Without warning N punched him right in the face multiple times, then grabbed his head and slammed it into the desk over and over. At this same time another student tried to intervene and N did a blood choke on him and the kid passed out in a few seconds. (Those of you familiar with Judo know what I'm talking about.) The kid who had his feet up ended with a broken nose, broken jaw, and multiple teeth missing.

I lost track of N after high school as he upped and moved to California... but last I talked to him he lost his job for exploding on a customer....

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