Today, I can breathe a sigh of relief. Almost 4 years and 130k later, I've finally beat my student loans to death.

First, your numbers don't make sense as everyone else is saying.

Second, I'm not sure I agree with living the life you did right after college. You just spent a lot of time and effort getting a degree and you deserve to spend some money and live a little while still young.

I had 60k in debt with the same degree and paid it off in 4 years, along with purchasing a brand new sports car for 45k right after graduating, along with always living in $1500 to $1800/month luxury apartments, along with going on a lot of trips every weekend to big cities and nature hiking/camping.

Of course, I also made 80k/yr first job, then half a year later I got my 2nd job at 95k, both in lower cost of living areas. But even if I had been stuck with lower income I just would have spent longer to pay my loans because it's better for your mentality and life while you're young to live a little. As my dad said "if you're ever going to own a sports car, you sure as fuck better do it while you're young because that's when you'll get the most enjoyment out of it"

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