Top Muslim Group Calls For U.S. Boycott Of 2022 Winter Olympics In Beijing | The Chinese government’s “ethnic genocide” against the Muslim Uighur population is disqualifying, according to Emgage.

Who said sacraficing everything? Is vegemite made in China too?

Mate, I'm saying you can make an economically harder choice, there is a price to pay for freedom and to just say "to heck with it" shows your lack of integrity in character.

Heck yes it is easier to choose the cheaper and readily avaliable option, wow congratulations, you reached target demographic for Kmart and big w. Clap clap.

End of the day, if you care about freedoms for humanity, you would care about choosing responsibly. You and I won't make the best choice everytime, at least trying is better than blindly buying everything from China.

If thst isn't agreeable, please need not reply. Cheers mate.

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