Toppers of r/nepal, how is your life now? Are you still ahead of your peers in your jobs, academia or financially?? Was all that grinding in school worth it?

School topper ->

Managed to get distinction in +2 ->

went to ioe on scholarship( not a topper anymore, missed distinction)

Got a well paid job before graduating, overwhelmed, and stayed in nepal longer than I should have ->

Currently about to finish phd in Australia ( one of go8 university here), there is no ranks and grades in phd, i think i did decent job here.

Was never hard working guy, i am the laziest guy is the lab here. My professor literally works a lot hard than me. I feel lucky to be about to complete phd with the efforts i put. That’s why i am leaving academia, no way i can become a professor with this effort here or US/Eu. Already got an well payed offer in industry. ->

Field: computer science, machine learning

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