(Translation)Why am I against Third Runway

For decades, Hong Kong people's faith is "economic development, prosperity and stability," talked about the third runway ('three-run "), many people intuitively believe related to economic development, is logical, therefore not go into the project The necessity and the specific content, but from the whole community, the development of any major infrastructure, we must look at the overall comprehensive economic stresses, the more you must check the feasibility and benefits of more than one hundred billion yuan of investment projects, including a three-run projects, not by an "economic development" as a talisman to muddle through.

The business community has always stressed the competitiveness of a three-run views can be summarized as the following: Chek Lap Kok Airport as an international aviation hub, built a three-run will increase the competitiveness of the financial sector to attract businesses and people around the world to Hong Kong for trade and investment as well as helping pillar industries (finance, trade and logistics, tourism, professional services) sustainable development [1], but also said that it would create employment opportunities for millions of [Note 2], so a three-run significant economic value, but do not build a three-run inference that Hong Kong would "self-marginalization." [3].

Fortunately, the business also has a high-level look at the major issues of the time, some commentators point out the basic considerations: "a single thing to see whether it is feasible from a business point of view before we mainly competitiveness as a starting point ... Ten years ago, we would say? as long as the economy run, all things have a way out, but now the concept has been increasingly questioned the beginning ... the general public seems to have been less able to benefit from economic development. ... I'm afraid to, "the economy is good, we good. "This sentence hanging in the mouth." (Note 4)

Three-run sparked controversy involves precisely these basic elements, the following conduct a review:

  1.   Competitiveness

    a. Chek Lap Kok Airport uncompetitive, losing first in the world, in recent years, travelers from the airport constantly backwards learning experience with AA negligence and errors related policies, the right remedy is to rectify as soon as AA and enhance passenger aircraft and airport reception The amenities and services [5]. b. Kwai Chung Container Terminal expanding cargo but can not reverse the trend is to go beyond the mainland ports, vividly illustrate the Mainland sources located in Hong Kong to expand its facility capacity is of no use. AA propose a three-run primary purpose is to compete for the mainland passengers, these passengers are expected proportion of all passengers, from 21% in 2014 to 31% in 2030 [6], but because of mainland tourists is located, With the mainland airport facilities and services gradually, leaving the Mainland will naturally choose not to pass the mainland airports, Chek Lap Kok airport will face a similar dilemma Kwai Chung Container Terminal, geopolitical relations doomed competitiveness is bound to decline, three-run can not be temporal changes in the overall situation.

  2.   Employment

    a. Hong Kong is basically full employment, the Government has clearly pointed out the future of social dilemmas is inadequate labor force, a large number of manufacturing jobs at the moment is going against the trend of ignoring the population policies and initiatives, the input may reach one hundred thousand foreign workers is incredible. b. The fact is there are a lot of vacancies in the airport, for up to 2,000 of the spectrum [Note 7], understaffed, resulting in failure to run a hundred percent, but gives rise to a series of problems and security risks [Note 8], a runway would be more create more vacancies, the airport is not working, as the level of service delivery on baggage will fall further, so that passengers increasingly disappointed. Three-run actually increase the problem, not solve the problem.

  3.   Trade and Investment

    a. Said that the promotion of trade and investment, mainly linked to overseas investors, traders and local high value-added industries such as high school-level personnel easy access to Hong Kong, but they need the airport, is a service person out of Hong Kong International Airport for the purpose, and require airports efficient and taste, so that they can always comfortably dispatched from Hong Kong to the world's major cities, or from these cities to fly to Hong Kong, so as to make Hong Kong must play a special international advantage mainland cities do not have. b. If the Chek Lap Kok Airport passengers crowded out of the mainland, including transit and transfer (see 1c Section), I am afraid there will be able to seek a vote of the phenomenon, so that investors who buy tickets and high value-added industries hard, hard on the machine, with the AA program in the terminal-cum-shopping mall, shops everywhere, noisy hustle and bustle, taste is hard to find, so visitors have a negative impression of the airport by the experience and the future can not come will not come to Hong Kong is very bad. Unfortunately, the AA is relying on hard pushing three runs in the mainland passengers (including the transfer or transit) significant increase in revenue and shopping malls, said that Hong Kong will help the so-called three-run trade and investment, is based on a three-run does not know the basic assumptions of misunderstanding .

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