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Ok, well to be honest I was 22, I am Australian. I had lived in France for over a year before I went to Canada at all.

I was working my way across Canada. I got jobs in fort mcmuary, Calgary, Toronto, St. John, Halifax, Cape Breton, Vancouver, Squamish, White rock, riverside Albert, Fredericton and of course whistler.

I made sure that I made it off the tourist trail at every opportunity and never knocked back an opportunity when it arose.

I found positives and negatives in all the regions I visited.

Vancouver (in fact all of BC) was laid back, sometimes they were so aloof that it became tiresome. Somehow the nightmare that is east Hastings st is tolerated, a mix of wonder and discussed curiosity enveloped my young mind. The beggars wore thin quickly and I commuted on the sky train at five am daily, my accent was a green light for them to launch a sob story on me and try and get my change. I worked in construction and eventually I would just rest my hand on my hammer, look them in the eye and growl, "fuck off cunt" anytime a pan handler made eye contact. BC was surfer boy cool, Like they were acting the part almost. They were so friendly it was surreal. So much weed, my god. So much.... I loved it and I have never seen a community so friendly overall since then.

New Brunswick was lovely, so polite and such etiquette. I worked on a farm and I had to pretend that my then gf and I were married in order for us to share the same room. The people here were generally very religious. I was invited to many family dinners and manners went a long way. The police pulled me over after a drinking session and I was lectured for longer about my failings before god than about the law. The young people had there own drum to march to and I wondered what the next generation would change in the maratimes as they became community leaders.

Nova Scotia overall was a modern community, the student community in Halifax were ultra welcoming and I got to go on hikes, bike rides, kayak trips, pub crawls and firework fights with a network of people I had known for a day or two. Cape Breton saw me taken on horse rides, shooting trips and countless camping/hiking adventures. "Hey Ozzie, you have to come for a hike to see this"...., the people were immensely proud of the country but any refusal to partake in an adventure was taken to heart and while no Canadian I met was fragile, these guys took a certain offence if you didn't want in on a trip.

Some of the St. John and Moncton folk could verge Into racist territory But being Australian I can't throw stones from my peoples glass house.

The east definitely had a religious overtone that could be used when convenient. And left off the table when we raked up cocaine.

Now Toronto I personally didn't like. It is a normal city. Clean, yes. Easy to navigate, mildly interesting and polite. But it seemed the residents wanted it to punch above its weight. The cold wind off the lake bit into my bones but the locals still called it a "fresh breeze" like as if every facet of the city should be defended. I moved on pretty quickly. It just wasn't for me.

I wanted to see Quebec, I really did. I had a slight grasp on French and a desire to do any job I could find. Before setting off from Toronto I wanted to have a job in Montreal lined up. I sent dozens of applications but many replied in French, I would reply back in French as best I could but I didn't get any thing close to a job offer. I winged it but I had no better luck in person. I was honestly spat at when at a service station. I honestly didn't see much, I was uncomfortable more often than not and it was obvious I was not getting a job. Sorry mate but I was made to feel uncomfortable here. More so than when I was in France.

Tldr: I found qubec rude.

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