Tropical Storm Florence continues its churn toward US coast

Not OP but: Grew up in Jersey (I remember Floyd, to date myself), lived in NYC, working downtown now where most of the damage was. It sucked, but that's mostly because the Financial District was (now it's midtown) the largest Central Business District in the world. At least according to Wikipedia, I got nothing besides that.

That being said, NYC is the most dense major city in the US, so of course it was going to cause a lot of damage, even if it was not a super strong hurricane.

It's like that earthquake in VA that we felt here. It was MAYHEM in NYC, I was on the 53rd story of a building and it felt strange, your first reaction is terrorism of course. But west coasters were laughing at us, and rightfully so.

I guess many people on reddit may have been super young during 9/11, but nothing compares. I hope we can handle another storm, but the Carolinas have it so much worse and it doesn't even compare to us up here.

Let's not have another one of these please:

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