The Truth of Colonialism in D&D

I feel mixed about this blog post.

I agree with virtually all the points made; D&D does contain strong elements of colonialism and racism and all manner of other things. I mean, even beyond the post, D&D contains LITERAL good and evil (yuck), and near ubiquitous use of violence (even yuckier!). It contains all sorts of hierarchical values and so on. And beyond that, it just contains a lot of really stupid nonsense in general.

And I see the value in encouraging people to be thoughtful and mindful about what they consume. It can even be fun to engage in these kinds of critical readings, if that's what you want.

But I also feel tired of "everything is political." I can't read anything anymore or participate in a discussion without it becoming a political battleground. Even this new coronavirus is a new political battleground for the us vs them left vs right tribal politics. It's EXHAUSTING.

There is virtually nothing in D&D that I can personally relate to, but it's damn fun. And that's good enough for me.

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