Best O/B/1eAD&D modules with a high fantasy/Tolkienesque flavour

It's my opinion that the only way to successfully run a Dragonlance setting would be to have the players play the pregen characters, die horribly when captured the first or second time, and then have the players re-roll new characters.

Strip out all the plot armor, no matter the character, and run the adventures with fatal results.

If this is done, then half of the railroading and whatever emergent gameplay occurs in your own version of the stories.

Didn't rescue Gilthanas? Good luck in Sla-Mori. Person with the Crystal Shaft gets fried by the dragon? Guess the Gods of Good don't make an appearance in this particular story. Verminaard murders Laurana outside the gate of Pax Tharkas? Guess there's going to have to be a new Golden General later... if there is a later.

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