Goodman Games Comments On Judges Guild

Jennell wrote adventures that brought people together despite their flaws. The Bob’s seem to have written a bunch of hateful things on social media and damaged the reputation of their father’s business who DID write adventures that brought people together.

Jennell has had a lifetime to change and grow and work towards making a difference and it shows in her history and life story.

I honestly have never even thought of or heard of the Bob’s before this week.

I feel like at the end of it, all that matters is how much good you did and for how many people versus how much bad you did and for how many people.

Jennell built her own platform to do good. The Bob’s sullied someone else’s. They will have to put in a couple of lifetimes worth of hard work for the greater good if they want to receive a fraction of the consideration Jennell has gotten.

I think that’s why art and artists are so important. There are billions of good people and billions of bad people but we only ever really see the artists and they are the ones whose work will really stay with us.

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