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SMH, why are you basing your opinion on someone else's counter argument? Let alone someone who's "not invested" in the matter and using Earth-based life forms as a basis for comparison for dragon-like creatures and god-like worms. Thanks for linking that by the way, because his theories are full of fallacies. First off, the Ahamkaras were referred to as dragons, but the term dragon is NOT to be taken literally. First off, present day IRL was Destiny's past, therefore dragons were a fictitious concept. If we see long, snake-like winged creature (akin to Chinese serpent dragons) on Venus, what do you think the general public will call it? The internet headlines will be "Dragons Found on Venus". Does that mean dragons are real? No. From the perspective of the Krill, if the "dragons" of Venus are similar to the "worms" of the Deep, they wouldn't have been able to describe these "worms" as dragons. The next likely comparison to a coiling creature to the Hive would be a "worm". Let's not forget, there's a DISTINCTION in the Books of Sorrow between a worm (similar to what you see on the Dreadnaught) and a Worm, which would be a Worm God.

Insert this excerpt from Mysteries 2, "I stare down one for a long time and see a pale worm move in hungry coils around itself. I think this one is the most likely although I might have brought the worm.

An egg but I'm not sure if the broth inside is warm still, or if it's gone to rot, or if the warmth comes from the struggles of the tiny winged zygote or the bleed from the wound or the thoughts of something thinking very hard." If you're going to debate vertebrate and invertebrate physiology, then despite the "worm" metaphor, the specimen described above is indeed a vertebrate creature aka not a worm. Besides, worm eggs are technically called cocoons, a semantic that would have been included if it really was a worm. And as far as I know, worms don't have wings, nor do they develop with wings in their cocoons..

Furthermore, Legends 3 states "..Power had been obtained from the bargains, and the City needed power. Knowledge had been gleaned, and the Ahamkara knew answers to questions no one had known to ask.

But the price was too high. And no edict or forbearance seemed to stop Guardians from seeking them out, driven by hope, or vengeance, or despair.

The call had to be silenced. So the Great Hunt did its work.

And thus the Ahamkara were made extinct, their call silenced, their solipsistic flatteries erased, their great design - if it ever existed - broken.

Of this you can be assured, oh reader mine."

Sound familiar? The one in charge of the Guardians Great Hunt clearly didn't want Guardians taking advice from the Ahamkara. The Traveler wanted to do the same thing on Fundament but it failed with the Krill and possibly started the Syzygy to cover it's tracks.

See, this is a little insulting. You say my theory is baseless (and it is, just a theory) but then you pull out this BS? The Legend 2 card isnt' saying that the Nine are ALL of those things. They are all separate theories of the Nine, which indicate that no one has a damn clue about them. You are misinterpreting the card.

I think you're the one misinterpreting the card. They're not separate theories, the card doesn't even cite that they're theories. It's meant to be an allegorical description of who and what they are, otherwise there would be sources. What's insulting is that you don't seem to have your lore straight and you keep making yourself sound like you're stating hard facts. I have read just about all of the Grimoire cards, all of the Books of Sorrow, flavor texts, dialogues from the game and other miscellaneous and nowhere do I presume things. Do you not notice that in the way I type, I make it clear that I'm stating possibilities? My information is based off of studying this game in conjunction with my own personal knowledge of world mythology, symbolism, theology and esoteria (I also studied herpetology and lepidopterology in regards to the worm subject), as well as a collaboration of theories with notable people like the guys over at Destiny Ghost Hunters who are also equally as knowledgeable, unlike your one link of a guy comparing the physiology of a real worm to a Worm God of the Deep..

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