UFOs over powerplants in france and belgium, the biggest case of the century?

I wouldnt have made that post if I wasnt convinced that these are most likely genuine UFOs.

Personal notes: * There has been 30 ufo sightings over the french nuclear facilities. Mainstream medias narrowed this to around 20, only considering the legal complaints of EDF. * On one day there were ufos seen at the same time at 5 different nuclear power plants hundreds of kilometers away from eachother. This is not some prank, this is a big operation only an organisation like the military would be capable of pulling off. These 'drones' are no toys either. * Why is the government talking about 'unexplained' drones? Why are they so secretive about the whole thing? * Theres plenty of cases of ufos hovering over nuclear plants all over the world since the 50s with the beginning of the development of nuclear technologies. This has been an ongoing phenomenon since decades. * showing up at night or the early morning is typical for ufos * the thing is, this event is fking huge. 30 sightings of ufos hovering above nuclear power plants and research facilities within a single month! * "A new French report released on May 31, 2010 concluded that UFOs are definitely real and possibly of extraterrestrial origin. While not an official government study, the Progress Report of the Sigma/3AF Commission comes from a highly credible source, the Aeronautical & Astronomical Association of France, known as the 3AF, which established a Commission on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena back in May 2008." * nas document on iran case, just a reminder that ufos are real: https://www.nsa.gov/public_info/_files/ufo/us_gov_iran_case.pdf

Quotes from different articles on the net regarding ufos hovering above nuclear power plants (too lazy to recheck the sources, sorry; if the quote is not specified its related to the sightings in france): * Heres one in Arkansas where a witness reported to mufon: http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2014/11/another-ufo-over-a-nuclear-plant-this-time-in-arkansas/ [the witness said the ufo hovered for 2 hours without making any sound] * article about another case: Then there were the three bright, orb-like UFOs photographed on January 1, 2014, hovering near the Limerick Generating Station in Pennsylvania. Here’s the witness’ description: "Never saw lights that bright in the sky before. The objects seemed to be round spheres that at first didn’t move at all. The center one seemed slightly raised above the outer ones. They were intense bright white – almost silver." * source lost: "But a recent spate of five co-ordinated “visits” in one evening to nuclear reactors hundreds of miles apart has now placed the French government on high alert." * source lost: "Some journalistic sources say the french military has photos and videos, all confiscated" * comment from reddit : "Le Monde" reports that there have been also sightings over multiple nuclear research and science facilities. The locations have not been made public yet but have been confirmed by the CEA." * source lost: "Since 30rd October there are 2 combat helicopters from the 5th Geschwader von Pau guarding the airspace over the nuclear plant Golfech. (Rumours, according to military insiders)" * source lost: "The latest report of a sighting says the object had an attached beam or ray of light that was emitted from the object" * source lost: "Footage of the sightings exists and the objects where detected by the facilities security systems. (Will not be made public due to ongoing investigations)" [i doubt they will release it; why are they calling them 'unexplained' drones and why aren't they releasing any footage, hmm?] * source lost: "After the meeting last week, some government sources said the special gendarmerie teams which guard nuclear sites had been given authority to shoot down future intruders. Three more flights followed. No drones have been shot down so far." [why havent they?] * source lost: "Many of the flights have taken place at night but the authorities have filmed and photographed some of the intrusions. Officials say they have been surprised, and alarmed, by what the images have revealed." * source lost: "The intruders are something much more complex and expensive – helicopter-like drones with powerful engines capable of flying for dozens of miles. They have a triangle of three white lights, a larger red light and a searchlight, possibly linked to a camera, which throws intermittent beams of light on the “target”." [well, ive never seen powerful helicopter-like drones; you take the helicopter-like away and it sounds like a genuine UFO] * source lost: "France is more dependent on nuclear power than any other developed nation. Almost 80 per cent of the country’s electricity comes from nuclear generators." [it really makes one wonder what their motive is; they did disable nuclear missile stations; even shot a flying missile in midflight - "you are to never speak of this event ever again", confiscating the video] * http://theaviationist.com/2013/11/10/f-14-vs-ufo/#.UoI8n5Tk-8U#ixzz3MXLKmLWv : "In one case over Arak in November 2004, the crew of an F-14A armed with two AIM-9Js and two AIM-7E-4s spotted a luminous object flying near the heavy water plant of the Arak site. When the beam of the jet’s AN/AWG-9 radar painted the object, both the RIO and pilot saw that the radar scope was disrupted, probably due to the high magnetic energy of the object increasing the power of the reflected radar waves.The pilot described the object as being spherical, with something like a green afterburner creating a considerable amount of turbulence behind it. The Tomcat crew achieved a lock-on when it was flying a linear and constant flight path. Once the pilot selected an AIM-7E-4 to launch against it, the object increased its speed and then disappeared like a meteor." / "This kind of flight was suspended after several attempts to intercept the U.S. UAVs were made by F-4Es and F-14A over the Bushehr, Arak and Natanz plants." * source lost: "We will not provide further information for the time being," the spokesman added, hours after the plant's operator, GDF-Suez unit Electrabel, first disclosed the incident, which took place early on Saturday. * some irc user: "Now that I dig the subject a little, it appears there are some intriguing correlation to previous events. The simultaneity can't be ignored as well" * some irc user: "So I got my hands on several testimonies regarding these november events. Geipan (french group - the official governmental group supposed to research the ufo phenomenon) has collected some of them : all mentionning triangular shaped objects, marked with three whitish dots hovering over the nuclear facilities" * source lost: "Iranians complained about Unidentified Flying Objects at very low altitudes around its nuclear installations all around the country. United States has excellent satellite imagery and hence do not need low altitude spy planes to monitor the activities as the Iranian nuclear scientists and engineers as they assemble their nukes."

my connections not good enough to watch videos (70kbps), i stil hope these ones are legit - if not i will remove them: * video taken by crew members of Golfech nuclear facility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjPnB56DdI8 * UFO Ovni France Bordeaux place de la Victoire le 6 Mai 2012, Many testimonies (hundreds) of the very same sightings in various cities, places, etc. (according to some irc user): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWNO__M7p0Q

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