[UK] Plane delayed for over 12 hours by a US airline, what should I do next?

I sent this to another guy but this should cover what you're asking pretty well. It's a pretty complex, irritating situation. I should point out I'm not looking for a shitload of cash, but it's one of those things where they're offering us $1000 and in reality (a) that doesn't really cover a holiday and (b) it's very rare that us as a family can go on holiday together.

The one thing to remember is that the taxi cost us extra money and the flight tickets are non-refundable for cash.

American Airlines was the airline. The original flight was 54 - which was due at around 6PM - and was delayed until around 10PM when they said it was cancelled (fuel leak). Our second flight was 90. At 10:20PM or so, they announced a second flight, which would also be going to Manchester, but we needed to be gone by 11PM in order for the crew to be legal to fly. We boarded and the crew intentionally took their time in order for us to not fly (trust me, they were just stalling, it's understandable but everybody on board could tell). At around 11:45PM we had a taxi and hotel given to us, but we had to book a flight to Heathrow at 9:45am or so instead of Manchester in order to get back the next day (otherwise you're talking like Monday-Wednesday for the next Manchester flight). Had to fork out a good £150 for that. Not only that but because we would have had to collect baggage/go through security in order to get out, and then it'd be a 25 minute journey to the hotel. And then we'd be out by like, what, half 5 in the morning? Not worth it, so we slept in the airport. I think the flight was the 17th April or the 18th, it should still be available to view online.

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