UKIP distribute ‘fake Jeremy Corbyn leaflet’ in Oldham by-election

No dear boy, I do appreciate that the tiny brained Kipperati busy as they are fagging for Nigel, struggle with evidence vs supposition.

On uncontrolled, mass immigration Being in the EU is supporting uncontrolled mass immigration. edit: And of course, ole Corbyn backed down on his 40 year belief that we shouldn't be in the European Union when he became leader.

No source - evidence for your claim Corbyn believes this? None.

On Axing our armed forces "Instead of saying only Britain should scrap its defences, he said it would be 'wonderful' if every country in the world stood down its arms." "Front runner Jeremy Corbyn tells the final Labour leadership hustings he "can't think" of any circumstances in which he would back deployment of British troops abroad" Granted, he does dance around the question about whether he would cut the armed forces (

Corbyn actually said, in the context of a question on putting boots on the ground to fight ISIL:-

“Any? I am sure there are some. But I can’t think of them at the moment.”

So once again - you don't have any evidence.

On Abolishing the monarchy "Jeremy Corbyn has said he'd be in favour of Britain becoming a republic - but he admits public support for the monarchy means that's unlikely."

This is a third hand claim that Corbyn said something, not a quote. So again you have no evidence.

Hand over the Falklands to Argentina

Corbyn actually said what is quoted below. Some degree of administration sounds a little like the deal John Major made to share the profits of oil finds in the Falklands back in 1995 doesn't it.

"No, not entirely. Because relationships with Argentina are going to be very difficult. There's going to be an economic blockade quite possibly. There's going to be very bad relations with the whole of Latin America. Other situations like this, for example the dispute between Finland and Sweden over Alma Islands, I think that's the correct pronunciation, in the baltic were sorted out by some degree of joint administration while retaining nationality. It was done with Hong Kong, it was done to some extent with Gibraltar. There's another way without spending a huge sum of money and without the risk of another catastrophic conflict, which would damage us and damage our relationship with the entire of Latin America.'

So once again you are completely wrong.

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