Ukrainian Forces Fire at Civilians, Journalists in E Ukraine During Evacuation

Not even doing rebuttals now?

I did edit the post, so maybe you missed it. Go read my comment again. I posted the comment accidentally while gathering my evidence, so I had to edit it in.

It was at least funny when you posted articles that didn't have the proof or evidence that you claimed was clearly adopted by the entirety of "Western Media".

And you have still failed to post a single article that refutes all the articles I posted. You just refuse to accept the evidence. That is not the same thing as disproving it.

Your inability to understand a media that isn't entirely beholden to a corrupt government is hilarious.

Actually, I understand it better than you. I understand that some voices in the western media tell the truth, but that overall the western media promotes western lies so forcefully that the truth is drowned in a sea of bullshit.

When most of the western media were promoting the US' lie that Iraq had WMD, a few voices spoke out against the lies - and they were silenced:

In July 2002, Phil Donahue returned to television after seven years of retirement to host a show called Donahue on MSNBC. On February 25, 2003, MSNBC canceled the show, citing his opposition to the imminent invasion of Iraq by the United States military. Donahue was the highest rated show on MSNBC at the time it was canceled, managing to beat Chris Matthews' MSNBC show Hardball in the ratings.


Soon after the show's cancellation, an internal MSNBC memo was leaked to the press stating that Donahue should be fired because he opposed the imminent U.S. invasion of Iraq and that he would be a "difficult public face for NBC in a time of war."[20] Donahue commented in 2007 that the management of MSNBC, owned by General Electric and Microsoft, required that "we have two conservative (guests) for every liberal. I was counted as two liberals."

I know exactly how the controlled western media operates. Clearly you do not.

Even one of your national classic bits of literature, Dead Souls, is essentially about why your country sucks and has always sucked

"Dead Souls" is about New Zealand? Funny, I though it was about Russia.

Oh wait, have you made the stupid assumption that I must be Russian because I am not falling for the lies told by the US and its puppets?

No, I am a New Zealander. I couldn't be any further away from Russia.

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