ULPT: do you have a crippling disease that requires tons of surgery but dont have medical insurance and don't want tocripple yourself and family with debt? commit a small crime where you would spend time in prison. theyre forced to do surgery/chemotherapt and is completely free.

I have Crohn’s as well and I’ve spent a lot of time in the hospital. It’s honestly frightening to hear that you guys literally can become bankrupt because of a medical condition. I’ve never paid even a dollar for healthcare related to my Crohn’s ( besides income tax I suppose) , my Asacol prescription is supposed to be something like $250/ month but the government pays for it, I think I only pay a few dollars a month out of pocket and I’m not even anywhere close to low income. I hope you guys get some type universal healthcare soon because it’s honestly terrible to hear stories like yours. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to be Canadian.

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