Uncanny valley between Beta and Alpha

I had a girl totally dig me and I gave a few pronounced indicators of interest back. And then we had a moment where we were alone together and I didn't escalate, and in fact made a concerted effort to show her that I didn't care, and she threw me under the bus for the rest of the time we were around each other (was a short group trip). Lucky I had a lot of social value in the group, but honestly she still hates my guts. Hard to fathom such a powerful response on her part, but I think on some level because its clear I really desired her but didn't act on it, she probably feels unsafe around me. But I never had a chance to tell her that the reason I didn't want to escalate is because I didn't want to lead her on, because I thought she was moving to a different country. Later I find out she is actually gonna get married in 2 months and probably sticking around the area. I know my side of the story, but I never communicated it to her. So based on my actions, I guess it is fair enough that she assumes the worst about me. What was a deep and seductive stare when we had rapport may have quickly been reimagined as "this creepy guy is gonna stare at me and not do anything about it because he has low value" aka stalker vibes. Solidarity my dude... if you screw up, keep gaming.

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