WCGW crushing a wolf spider

I made that mistake on a flip house, I had like 48 hours to frame out a first floor and a basement of a burn out house, so I got to it, did the first floor ran out of steam like 5 hours into the basement.

Took a break, sat down, this big ass furry spider came out of the corner about 3 feet from me.

So I grabbed my 4' level, it's heavy enough, Stabila,, so I just go to land the end on it without really popping it or anything.

I should've brought a flame thrower. 200, 300+ baby spiders just ejected. Here I was sitting 6 feet away.

I ended up bare ass naked cause my clothes were crawling with them, and calling my girl, my brother, my parents, my priest, the local exterminator, a pool guy, a tow truck, an electrician, a plumber, a welder, etc etc etc.

Basically I was shell-shocked, drunk off my arse, and dialing to tell people about this big fekkin furry cunt, except she was sleek and shaved and ready for work, she just had her 1/4 ton bebies on her back yeah?

So they exploded like a mine when I dropped the level on that snazzy bitch. I had 50 of them on me before I could even realize I needed to get up and light the house on fire.

Anyhow, the last call there was to the local fire company. They trained in it, for 7 days. They appreciated it. Best if all, by the time they burned it out so hot that the foundation was spawling, no more fekking tiny spiders.

I also checked like 3 times a week to ensure one wasn't gonna crawl up me trouser snake.

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