Unjerk Thread of December 25, 2019

Occasionally your mind doesn't quite connect the dots that there's genuine real people who honestly hold those thoughts, behind bigots online. You see them post the dumbest shit, but to keep yourself sane you try to talk yourself out of it. They're a bot, or they're exaggerating because they're on social media, or they're real but just somebody trolling, whatever you need to, to try and not think about the fact that people exist who will honestly just randomly bring up whatever awful opinions they have in actual IRL conversation. If you encounter someone IRL like that, you try to tell yourself they're heavily in the minority, or were joking, again, whatever you can to keep yourself kinda mentally healthy and in a state of blissful ignorance that real people don't actually bring this sort of thing up, right?

Then I occasionally see your comments about your parents, and it helps throw me back into the realisation that yeah, people exist who will just, without any level of actual prompting throw out their clearly bigoted thought. Just for giggles. Normal conversation, totally normal and unrelated then bam bigotry!

Boggles the mind.

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