Unpopular Opinion: -karrigan Isn’t The Change Faze Needs

Mouz when they lost Niko, after 3 months, went out in 9-11th place or worse, following 3 tier 1 tournament lans (Cologne, Krakow, Malmo). Then they got Styko and Sunny, and started doing better. They replaced Denis and Lowel, and Mouz won ESG Mykonos, with a bo5 against Liquid, once those two were added. If you compare the direct conversion when Ropz was put onto the team and replaced Niko, then you start to see that Mouz were constantly out in 6-8 place, or 9-11th in many of their lans. And other than ChrisJ, and maybe Oskar (there are conflicting reports about him and Niko), none of the other players showed any signs that they disliked Niko.

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