UPDATE 2 I (22F) just found out my 28M bf is a pig but it's 4am and I'm stuck at his house and he's asleep. Please give me strength and advice for what to do when I wake him up.

Here's my story for you.

I dated a girl for over two years, and we had lived together for over one year. She was extremely introverted and would basically hide whenever I would have a party at the house. A few months before the end of our relationship she made some new friends in the master degree program she was in, and I was very excited for her. She would go out once a week and I would give her some space because it was great to see her socializing with friends. After a while I asked to meet them, and she would always brush it off.

Then one night she didn't come home at all. I woke up at about 6am, freaked out worrying that something had happened, and jumped in my car to go look for her after she didn't answer her phone. I found her car outside one of the bars empty, there wasn't much I could do so I returned home. When she got home she told me she got so drunk she decided to stay at a friend's house. I knew it wasn't true right away. Later, I found out she had slept at some other guy's apartment and I kicked her out of the house.

Shortly after that, the truth started to piece together. I found she had an ongoing e-harmony dating account since 6 months into our relationship, she had a personal trainer at the gym that I talked to much later who said that he never even knew she had a boyfriend...basically, I was the only one in the relationship.

A few weeks after we broke up I got a call at work from her...she was crying and asked me to come over. I said no. Then she told me she took a handful of sleeping pills and she was sorry. I went over there and sat with her while she cried. She cried because her new boyfriend had stopped talking to her, nothing about us. I sat there stunned until I was sure she was ok, then left and never spoke to her again.

3 months later I met my wife, and 6 years later we're doing great with 2 kickass daughters. Don't fall for the ones that play games, it's not worth the time or energy.

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