[Update] I [34/m] found condom wrappers in our trash can. My wife [34/f] and I don't use them and I'm wondering how to approach this.

The fact that, “haha lol all breathing women are thots” shows what a horrible place reddit can be. Some of us are just normal girls trying to enjoy the internet, and we are bombarded with messages telling us what stupid whores we are, and those same messages are upvoted by the majority of reddit’s community.

Women are people. I am a person. Stop making reddit a place where 50% of the population, the half of the population that grew you and gave birth to you and nurtured you, are thots. Some women like sex with multiple people, some like lots of sex with one person.... who cares. that has nothing to do with this guy’s wife.

I’m so tired of sexism and hate going through massive threads, and everyone just being cool with it. I’m still going to use reddit, it’s just, it sucks.

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