I upgraded my Lloyds current account to the £17/month Platinum in 30 seconds online, but to downgrade it to the free account, I had to go to the branch and conduct a half hour interview, including two mandatory videos on the account features.

I wonder how they would of dealt with me a few years ago.

I had agoraphobia, I couldn't leave the house. I also had social anxiety and other problems to the point that I couldn't see anyone. So asking someone to post a letter etc was impossible. It was horrible and I never want to go back there.

Sometime during that stage of my life, my hands stopped working properly (I have a neurological problem). I couldn't write and still barely can. Holding a pen or anything like that was impossible, i even struggled to use my mouse.

I had a 2 Natwest bank accounts, one for business one for personal. Wanted to the business, they wouldn't unless I went into branch and signed something.

Every conversation wtih Natwest went like this:

Natwest: You need to go into the branch and sign a form Me: I cannot go into the branch as I have agoraphobia, and I cannot write. Natwest: But you need to go into the branch, we cannot close accounts over the phone. Me: But I cannot leave my house. Natwest: Then we will post you the form. Me: As I said earlier, I cannot write.

Then it got into me quoting the disabiltiy act etcetcetc. Rinse and repeat at least twice a week for about 3 months. At some stage, someone said they would close the account. But they didn't. I received a letter, asking me to pay the fees before they could close my account, and I had to sign this letter and return it to them.

Eventually I contacted a few solicitors and some legal advice companies. Got a letter together which cost me nothing unless we went to court and won, and it was sent to Natwest.

A few days after they received the letter, they phoned me. They told me they would close the account as they would make "good will exception". Within a week the account was closed and they even sent me a cheque for £20 and waive the fees (Which were now at about £40 + over draft charges and interest)

I believe that if that letter was never sent, they would of continued billing me and refusing to help me for as long as they liked.

tdlr: Natwest refused to close my account cause I'm disabled and can't write and couldn't go into the branch, kept charging me £10 a month + interest + overdraft charges.

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