Vaccine is NOT About Health, it's a power grab - My Key Observations


No reason not to, they're safe and effective

Also you:

The vaccine cannot impart immunity, and requires boosters for the variants. I'm better protected than the vaccine.

So they are effective? Or they aren't effective? You're talking out of both sides of your mouth here.

Explain to me why I should take a vaccine that offers inferior protection to my body's immune system?

I'll refer back to my prior post (can't believe I'm having to quote this for a third time now)

"I'm not saying you have to get it, each person can make their own choice"

Made up numbers no less. Find those numbers next to a pot of gold?

CDC website. You're clearly capable of using the Internet. You managed to find what Dr. Offit said, I'm sure you can figure out how to search COVID numbers on the CDC website.

It's reddits own fault, your vaccine page is nothing but people suffering with side effects.

I'm not sure what this means. My vaccine page? Aren't they safe and effective? You'll have to clarify what you mean here because this doesn't follow the first part of what you said.

Until then you're a shill who doesn't practice what they preach

'Anyone who disagrees with me is a shill' is not a healthy mindset, particularly on a conspiracy board, as there are going to be people that disagree with you.

Beyond that, have I taken it? Or haven't I and so I should take them all at once? The only thing I said is that I don't care if you take it. I've said it multiple times, and I haven't said that you should or shouldn't get it, only that it's weird to be afraid of it but not the virus.

When you can explain how partial resistance beats total immunity your comments will make sense

This concept was never in question, nor was it the point of any part of any post. Again, you sound offended that someone might choose to take the vaccine and are arguing against points that aren't being made.

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