Vanity should not be disconnected from gameplay

i agree to an extent but ideally there's good stuff in both. as someone who absolutely doesn't have the time to do everything like I want and also doesn't have a friend base that plays the game there are a lot of items i can not get around to. fashion in games is a big deal to me and one thing i find frustrating is that i'm constantly in a loop of getting new higher leveled gear and hardly ever have the resources to infuse into the cool looking gear set that i want to wear before i have to switch it out again. i know i can grind for the infusing materials but again i do not have the time.

i play more destiny than i should. i love the game. i just can't commit like most hardcore fans. so if i can buy a cool universal set of armor ornaments and continue to equip them to new higher leveled gear as it drops I will absolutely do that so i can have a nice matching armor set while i play. i do hope the earned armor is really nice. i love that the earned armor is themed. that is all very important but for me this is ideal. it's all about balancing both

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