Veganism is a first-world luxury

They use milk and eggs to make bread here... Normal bread is about $2 USD and vegan bread is $10.

In my country, cattle raising is correlated to land misuse and war. Yes, war. Cattle owners are behind shady stuff when it comes to land ownership in rural areas, so meat and dairy is more readily available in my country than vegetable protein. And coastal towns are underdeveloped and their agriculture is close to none, so they main source of protein is fish. Good luck going on vacation to the beach and be able to get a vegan meal. On the cities there are clandestine chicken slaughterhouses related to mafia organizations, and chicken is cheap, almost as cheap as rice.

And almost every nutritionist here is recommending drinking milk and eating cheese as a "good" source of protein and calcium, there are TV ads telling people to eat more meat and drink more milk. So that's why I bring the cultural item into account.

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