Vilifying socialism without bothering to collect factual information

No, they don’t. Because they are talking about that item being affordable in Brazil. It’s not if I visit Brazil that item will be cheap because I will have a stronger currency, it is “wow can’t believe how cheap this is for Brazilians”. And I know that because I explain every time that while it sounds cheap, if we have to convert currencies then our wages are extremely low. And they always look absolutely shocked and can’t believe that item costs that much in Brazil. Like when I went one of the times I was explaining how insane fast food is in Brazil because it’s so expensive most people can’t afford, they asked how much and I said in pounds and was ready to explain conversions and the person said “oh that’s not bad at all, it’s the same as the UK!!!” and then I had to explain that you can not compare things like that without taking in consideration wages and local currency value.

It is a completely different conversation from someone telling me “oh one of the advantages of going to Brazil is that everything would be very cheap for me” what is completely true and I agree.

I find that particularly people from countries like the US and the UK struggle to understand currency nuances. This post is a great example of that. The person is comparing the price of a burger in Venezuala with one in the US and the Venezuelan looks cheaper but it is not if you take into account wages and currency values. I see that all the time on Reddit and it’s very frustrating because it is honestly very simple to understand that you can’t compare item prices between countries without taking into account a lot of other things.

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