Virgin Galactic’s real goal may be point-to-point travel around Earth | Ars Technica

Well, on that point you and I can both agree!

Indeed, you are right, in that Branson's progress was a HUGE let down for me emotionally so many times, as I eagerly followed him, and his promises since the early 2000's!

After the astonishing success of SpaceShipOne that took everyone by surprise, I can't believe how long it's taking for Branson to build on that, and push things to the next level. The pace of progress is... simply: unacceptable.


I just as passionately followed Elon Musk throughout that time, and Musk did the opposite: vastly exceeding my expectations, and capturing my imagination and hope for humanity's space faring future beyond what I thought was possible in such a time-frame.

So ya... In the end, Branson just seemed to be missing that spark of passionate leadership to make things happen.

That said... I'm still cheering for SpaceShipTwo and Virgin Galactic, and Branson to make this happen!

My motto: better late than never!

So it's still not game over yet.

In other words: I still think Virgin Galactic could have an important role to play in bringing the first taste of affordable space travel to thousands of people... if only Branson can finally get his act together in this important endeavor.

Even the experience of simple suborbital flights will forever change people's perceptions and ways of thinking about our planet, and future as a species.

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