Virginia teacher sues school after being fired for not using transgender student's pronouns

You know what's being an asshole? encouraging children to go into a lifestyle that has a 41% suicide rate. Confusing the shit out of children when the extreme majority of them "feel" like their actual sex after they go through puberty.

You know what's being a piece of shit? Putting children on puberty blockers that have extreme health costs - and taking away their choice. A child can't choose to go back and time and go through puberty if they think they made a mistake. Malformed genitals of these children will never grow properly once they've taken these pills - they're stuck with unsensitive and small genitalia for life, despite the pills being advertised as a way to "have time to make a choice"

You know what's being a real piece of garbage? Putting kids on those pills which fucks with their chemistry and phsyiology to the point that the EXTREME majority of children who take puberty blockers go through with transitioning.

You can not rectify the above factoids. 95%+ children with dysmophic feelings have those feelings vanish after puberty. 95%+ of children on puberty blockers "continue to feel trans".

We are doing objective harm to children and you are supporting it. You are encouraging it. You are trying to gaslight them and destroy their lives in the name of some absolutely nonsense gender ideology that has no basis in fact. It doesn't matter how much I feel like a girl, it doesn't matter how much I say I feel like a girl, I will always be a male, period, the end.

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