Sneg (CEO) take on the current professional Dota 2 scene situation.

The first part is a good reason to not agree with the guy's opinion. It's really dependant on contracts and what the players will be paid or want to be paid. That's why I mentioned it, it's something very important and needs to be clear. Since the players will know how much a tournament payout will be regardless, they will know how much they should be getting from their agreements.

This second thing, the court/legality debates that have ensued from problems with money in esports, is something I wanted to talk about as well but didn't include in my first post because of length. I'm a strong supporter of teams being forced to be based in certain countries that have a competent legal system. Then they work out the contracts for said legal system specifically so that most players aren't getting screwed. If someone isn't happy, they can play for an organization based in a country that has a more competent judicial system.

I think the point of the prize pool stuff is that it heavily dictates what opportunities a club/organization can provide players with. Sponsorship is not easy to come by, nor does it pay a lot. You could see it as them taking a portion for doing their job while sponsors cover whatever other parts that they can't from the prize money they'd recieve for managing players. Investors are a whole other story.

That last sentence is something I completely agree with, which is why I mentioned Team Secret in another post. It's something players are actually leaning towards even if they're not as proactive about it. They're realizing that they need more money. GG Agency is the only org to actually support players well entirely. Outside of that, teams are getting screwed left and right. The big sponsorship will always lie with big players and big organizations that pick up big players. It's always been that way with the big or stable sponsorships. There's too many fish in the pond and not enough feed for all of them, so the players have to choose to go rogue without managers/etc. or start forking money over to people who know how to actually take care of them. Puppey mentioned this once in an old ass interview from like TI2, but now they're all seasoned and can probably do everything themselves. Hell, even supposed b-teamers "Team Fire", a.k.a. SNA from N. America, are doing things by themselves for the most part. It's not impossible.

Sry for the long post.

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