Vorici: keep all guards alive

ok a majority seems to believe this mission is fine and it fits the theme of an assassin perfectly. this is the case and if that was the only things to consider then the mission would actually be fine, but "theme", "just shut up and play differently than you would for any other content for 40 secs", and "spend >or< 3 sockets on a single target skill you won't use in any other situation" is not the only things we should be thinking about.

there are clearly more than a few things that point towards this mission being unorthodox. although some may like that it's unorthodox, it seems to defy ggg's love for balance. there doesn't seem to be any missions by any master that are more brainless than others nor easier than others, but this mission is definitely harder and more consuming than all other missions.

even catarina missions are easier and less consuming than this. missions especially in mapping shouldn't be so taxing. id rather backtrack across my map instead of carefully making sure on hit procs, my attacks, my movement skills, my glove enchant damage, and my 5 other party members don't kill a single fucking trash mob

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