Can we do something about the four-man 99DZ gank crews?

I think part of the problem is availability. Our group has either 1 of 2 goals on any given day, PVP till the whole server joins the fun or farm DZ05-06 for several hours straight(5 boss rotation when extracting, 6 boss rotation when skipping).

When farming if another group or individual comes north and messes with our rotation it causes unnecessary inefficiency. We don't like that. So we'll usually kill them until they realize that on this server, at this time, they don't have a place in DZ05-06. We also take both supply drops every hour and another group might risk us not getting both.


This is not entirely accurate, we have grouped up with individuals and on many occasions ensuring all parties tag the boss and we extract at different locations and continue. This is possible if there is no language barrier and these parties don't needlessly slow us down(by not keeping up or not understanding).

To most of you I will sound fairly elitist with this post and unfortunatly I cannot change who I am. I have surrounded myself with likeminded individuals and we are not out to ruin anyone's day. The Darkzone is the darkzone and should stay as is. I do believe a "Free-for-all Darkzone without groups should exists with mobs scaled down to soloplay".

However I believe that further seggregation based on DZ rank will just invite another issue back that most of you have already forgotten about. We all run 4 characters. Most of those are not that high in DZrank. Unless Massive starts unifying mats, DZrank, and everything else across characters this solution will not yield the results you wish for. Mostly if not only because, the alts exist for the sole purpose of doing what our Main can't.

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