You wake up tomorrow and see the EU flag waving outside your window as EU soldiers with m16's storm about.What do you do?


The basics are essentially... Stay inside, put the television and radio on to wait for instructions. Close all windows and use tape if available to insulate them. Start to fill out plastic bottles with water. Fill with water what ever sink that you have. Move to emergency shelter inside the apartment house if there are no instruction or possibility to get out from Moscow.

The scary part comes now... If there would be NATO soldiers in Moscow, it would have meant that NATO would have done an strategic attack against the capital with special forces, marines and paratroopers in order to force Russia to surrender. Unfortunately we Russians have been practicing against this since the start of cold war. Thus the leadership has already moved into safe bunkers, the army is mobilizing around the country and moving troops and assets towards the capital and the eastern border. The Russian troops will encircle the capital, move troops via secret underground tunnel network all around the city and start an attack to the take over the capital. I remember reading an estimation in Pravda , biggest newspaper in Russia, that in the ensuing battle tens of thousands civilians would die in the ensuing artillery bombardments and urban warfare that would turn our capital to Grozny. Plundering, rapes and murders would also be made by invading troops... Thus the first priority of business is to leave Moscow.

After leaving Moscow I would search for the nearest Russian army units and ask further instructions on where to report for the duty. Probably if the Russian defense forces were really surprised, the army would have already moved into guerrilla warfare thus I would join what ever unit first comes up with an rifle and ammunitions to give. The only unsure thing is that I am 35, an old man compared to youngsters that just came out of the training, although I am fit and in better shape now than I was when I was 19, I would be lower priority to be given a weapon and joined the unit. That said, we have enough weapons for an half a million man army, the problem is that are those weapons available in the first days of the war... Anyways, that said, then it would be going on to fight. I don't see any point on living in a NATOist country, thus it is better to go out and do my duty, and hope for the best.

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