Is Warframe more social then a single player game?

Sounds like a religious extremist who doesn't want you to get "tainted" by the outside world. Report her to social services. Foster Home in USA are fucking heaven and social worker will actually check up on you and if you don't like them you can request for new foster home.

Of all the ridiculous horseshit people post, this is by far the most retarded. Nowhere at all the OP mention religion. So outside of your own greasy neckbearded, fedora wearing, Dorito contaminated mind what does that have to do with anything?

Oh, I know; highschoolers like you think they're being edgy and 'intellectual' by blaming everything on religion, when it's really just a lazy fucking excuse to not have to actually use your brain to think too hard. When in reality you are in fact worse than even the most disgustingly inbred redneck out there with your repeatedly recycled horseshit that almost puts you on the same level of a facebook-dwelling soccer mom.

The rest of your comment further illustrates how absolutely out of touch, how utterly simple you are that no word or phrase can effectively categorize your level of abject stupidity. Granted, you actually surprised the hell out of me with your comment about the foster homes in the US. I thought I had a general sense about how utterly stupid a human being can be, but here you are. I wouldn't even really call you human. You're just a fucking object. A dumb, simple machine that someone slapped together because they couldn't be bothered to read the instructions.

So let me explain some concepts to you so that even a fucking thing such as yourself can understand them.

  • People lie on the internet, especially on anonymous message boards.
  • People are capable of doing terrible things to one another without a religious motivation.
  • 'Foster home in USA' is not heaven. It's incredibly bureaucratic and the families are hit or miss, and the misses are particularly unforgiving.
  • Don't talk about things you have no fucking clue about, let alone provide terrible advice based on your own lack of a properly functioning brain.

I'm just beside myself to think that even an object like you would suggest that the foster homes in the US are heaven. That every child who enters the custody of the state's child welfare services is somehow given a golden fucking ticket to Disneyland.

I am not a religious person, but I sincerely hope that you're sterile because we do not need more people like you in the world.

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