I was watching some Bernie surrogates on the various news channels, and I have to say... why is it only certain types are allowed to give their opinions publicly, and in the media?

Do you know for a fact that folks you're disappointed not to see in prominent spots in campaign tried to get those jobs?

I looked into it, and from what i could tell, EVERY SINGLE TOP JOB in the bernie campaign is held by someone with a college degree.

I mean, you can say "oh but did non-degree holders even apply?"

but thats the wrong question to ask, and you know it (especially when NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE NON-COLLEGE GRAD is in a leadership position in a campaign that says it represents the worker).

But hey, if Bernie gets elected and (as just one example) appoints a cabinet that is at lest 50% non-colges graduates, i would change my mind, but based on Bernie's track record thus far in hiring non-college grads in leadership positions, i am not optimistic.

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