What alternatives people think are cheaper but actually cost them more?

A boat. Everyone kind of knows it’s a money pit but I didn’t realize how much of one it would be. You got to pay to storage or marina slip unless you have a place to put it. You have to pay for gas which I had an 07 maxim (not even a fancy boat) and it was $100/day. Snacks and water: $50, add $100 for booze. You get terrible mileage pulling it so double up the cost of gas your vehicle normally would take to go x distance. But this is the big one: the time. Couple hours just got intangibles (getting it ready and cleaning it), usually lakes are an hour minimum away so there’s a couple more hours. If you have a family it’s not as bad but I always had a group of friends slated for Saturday and a separate group for Sunday because my boat wasn’t big enough to bring out 10 people. So both days were shot. Half the time a couple friends would bail bc they were hungover from the night before so you’d either be scrounging last minute so it’s not just like three people out on the water or you’d go with an undersized crew. The DUI i got for blowing a .04 was a tough pill to swallow (it got dropped but I had to pay 3k for a lawyer, and $1200 for my boat and truck to get towed) Is be exhausted after a day on the lake but it mostly took away key time that I should have been studying passive income and putting my money into making more. All in all, I should have listened but I wanted to deny.

The best two days of owning a boat are the day you bought it, and they day you sold it. And it’s the truth.

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