Sunday Brunch

Man it feels good to get up at 6 am and go to the gym. I ended up going later than I meant to, but I could only sleep for like 3 hours last night. Been watching a good place and just never hit the s tag stage of tired even after I turned it off. Did squats faramirs walks and a little bicep work. Would have done more but it was crowded and the trainer was using the trap bar with some old guy.

I only did a couple minutes on the treadmill but I’ll be back back after I go with my landlord to help him pick up a new work vehicle from Chicago and run a mile or three.

Though now it appears some 20 something guy is in the sauna butt naked laying down on a towel playing with his balls a

Last time I was in here early and he walked in he was doing naked squats in front of me. Please stop. I wish I was making this up.

ANYWHO happy Monday! I hope everyone has a good and grand week and gets all the love and company and beer or jobs they need.

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