What are signs of depression that arent talked about?

Like just feeling everything intensely. You blanket feels so heavy but soft but in a way its like it's stuck to you and you try to move but get lost in it. A truck outside might use it's exhaust brake and to you it sounds so loud and head splitting and irritating and now you hate trucks and hear every subsequent truck that drives past and now your counting the trucks and getting annoyed that they're so loud and there's so many. You swear you can smell the trash in your bin and that your room smells repulsive. The sound of your partners/friends voice just grates on you and you question how you could like someone so boring and annoying. You see a hobbled old poor lady walking home from the store and you cry because you feel to your bone that life is pain. You cook yourself some eggs and even though you've seasoned them they taste rubbery and off and the thought of having to finish the plate of such a disgusting taste and texture makes you almost dry wretch with every bite. Anyone else get like this ?

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