What are some common mistakes that parents make, but don't realize?

I had a girlfriend who snooped like it was her full time job. It was awful. I think she felt vulnerable in life and got off on "secrets" giving her some power.

Literally every day she asked me to tell her a secret. And if I didn't have a secret, she would tell me I was lying and I was hiding something... And since I knew she snooped I felt guilty constantly thinking maybe there was something I had somehow forgot?

I was constantly second guessing myself and ended up falling into a depression because I was obviously a terrible person who hid all these terrible things I did. I ended up breaking up with her because she called my plutonic female friend a whore and a slut for hanging out with me.

After that her sister egged my car, her mom threatened to beat me with a baseball bat, and her stepdad the same. She would call me every weekend and tell me which guys were at this party she was going to get black out drunk at. While I worked weekends and pretty much hermited myself. Like I'd be reading a book at 3am at home on a Saturday and her friends would call me whilst wasted and let me know what a piece of shit I was, with dudes in the background agreeing loudly.

Somehow after a while she was able to control me with sex. Like she would send me nude photos and tell me she was horny and my stupid brain would go pick her up and have sex with her. And I hated her. But angry sex was amazing.

About a year and a half of just having sex and other crazy drama, I realized I had feelings for her again. Pretty much the day I asked her to coffee to pretty much explain my feelings to her, she tells me she just started dating a friend of mine. A good friend. Anyway, lost my mind entirely. Spent two weeks at my folks house. Moved away for the summer, and came back with a better outlook.

They date for about a year and a bit and she just fucking ruins him. He was an empty sack of skin and bones when she was done with him. She left him for a 47 year old bar owner when she was 23. Dude and I are back to being good friends and she's off, I don't know, probably drinking so often she pisses the bed regularly.

Moral of the story: snoopers are uncool.

Sorry for the life story haha

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