What are some trans friendly religions?

I know it's not true that no one likes a skeptic which is why I added, "except another skeptic". Not sure about the "language" thing but I can tell you that the sort of "responses" you're talking about are of no interest to me. I used to wonder what it was all about but the drama is an intellectual black hole - not to mention a ginormous time suck and monster factory - and going there thinking I might discover something about people only yielded the discovery that I don't want anything to do with it so it's pretty much just that sort of ugly wallpaper that once one has taken it in, one ceases to actually see. At least, until somebody throws up a wall to hide behind.

Even so, despite my not taking the drama seriously nor having any interest in it myself, I am dead serious about people's freedom to choose it and love the fact that no one can stop them. That interests me. That's "my" God. The horrors people perpetrate upon one another might be...well...horrible but, their freedom to choose, sow and fundamentally ask for that horror is awesome!! It's the exact same freedom I have to not choose it. The given asked-for! The reaping of what's sown! The freedom to be, sow and reap horror! I'm okay with people not understanding that they're creating the very horrors they're whining about. And I'm okay with the absurdity of their fear of not doing it. Sometimes I snicker about it but it's funny. It's like an old cartoon of some anthropomorphized animal hitting himself in the head with a hammer and then blaming his headache on the park ranger or something. It's slapstick. But when they tire of it and cry, claiming to want it to end but not being willing to even try the only and super simple way I've ever come across of shifting one's "fortunes", it's just ugly and I'm okay with that, too, because it's just more of that freedom. I don't enjoy it but I'm all for their freedom to add to the ugliness of the world since their worlds are so tiny and not even a blip on the radar in the vast unknown that I prefer to call "home"...

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