AI gives humanity opportunity of fulfilling lower levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs for all people. What would happen?

I think people are greatly overestimating the effect this would have. Our society and economy already meet the basic needs of almost everyone, so meeting those needs for the rest would be ethically amazing but not transformative by any means at all.

The biggest disruption would be that the workers employed in these industries would be out of work and have to be retrained into something else that isn't done by robots. That has happened many times before and in pretty much every industry. This could be a pretty mild disruption in countries where the government steps up to provide that training, to a medium-sized disruption in countries that don't, but it wouldn't be an Industrial Revolution sized disruption anywhere because, in this scenario, everyone's basic needs are being met by the AI so the unemployed are not being left homeless or starving.

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