What Card Should I Get? Weekly Thread - Week of December 06, 2017

What is your credit score?

800+ across the major credit agencies.

What cards do you currently have? For better results also add the date you were approved for the cards.

CSP July 2015, Citi Prestige Nov 2015, CSR, Jan 2017

How much natural spend can you put on a new card(s) in 3 months?

Pretty low but I can probably meet 5k with some effort.

Are you willing to MS, and if so, how much in 3 months? See this page for a primer on MS. Plastiq (for rent/mortgage/loan payments) and bank account funding are often good options for beginners.

Preferably not. Have not tried and am willing to give it a go if I have to.

Are you open to applying for business cards? If not, why? See this post and this wiki question to learn more.


How many new cards are you interested in getting? Are you interested in getting into churning regularly (if you aren't already)? Or are you just looking to get a new card(s) for now but not get into churning long-term?

I am currently 1/24 so I have lots of room but I do not want to get too many. My MO so far has been 1 new premium card per year but would not mind ramping that up.

Are you targeting points, Companion Passes, hotel or airline statuses, First Class, Biz, Economy seating(s) or cash back?

Targeting points and Companion passes. Don't really care about F/J class, just need to get 2 people to lots of places.

What point/miles do you currently have?

Depleted all my points/miles in a very fun filled and totally-worth-it 2016 and 2017. I dipped my toes in the water and it was really nice. So I am starting from scratch again but hopefully with a plan this time.

What is the airport you're flying out of?

All SoCal.

Where would you like to go? (The More specific you are, the better someone can recommend the right card. Tokyo is great, "International travel" is way too vague).

On the docket for 2018 would be YYZ and TPE. Here is my plan and I would like feed back.

  • Card 1: CIP - 80k UR is great and I really like the UR interface. I am a schmuck that is OK with a 1.5pp redemption with a trade off for the convenience. I would probably use the UR to book flights via United on EVA air to TPE. Would love to hear other options. [2/24]
  • Card 2: Amex Plat - Can't seem to get that 100k link to work. Will try to get this ASAP. Will use this for everyday travel and the points will cover random domestic trips made in 2018.
  • Card 3: Alaska Airlines - Love flying Virgin and I have an immediate redemption in mind for the the Companion Pass. I would use it go go LAX to YYZ which would make it worth about $400 + 30k Alaska Points.

I don't think I will be doing enough domestic flights on Southwest to get value of of a SWCP. I would love to hear feedback on how I should proceed.

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